Custom ROMs and Battery life


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Jun 30, 2010
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Now, I don't know the first thing about these devices firmwares, nor do I know too much in terms of programming. However, I have to ask, AFAIK our processors are ALWAYS running at 1GHz. That doesn't make ANY sense. All mobile processors, in laptops and other devices DYNAMICALLY clock up as they are needed. Same thing works for graphics cards in PCs. So why, in all hell, would HTC NOT design such a mechanism for their phones?

Is it probable, or at least possible that a 3rd part developer will pick up where HTC left off and make such a rom? It would clock down to like 500MHz when not being used, and clock up to like 800MHz when it is, and then when its doing alot it would overclock all the way to 1100MHz. Something like this would be bound to INCREASE battery-life AND performance, would it not?

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Nov 20, 2009
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Where did you confirm that it does not change speed? Just for ****s and giggles I installed setcpu and the processor is going up and down. Also I think I do remember seeing the in a benchmark program I had installed back in the beginning of april!

2nd as someone once theorized about the droid being over-clocked! It may not matter as much as one would think. Since theoretically if it took 2x the energy to run 1ghz vs 500mhz and you could solve a problem in 1/2 the time wouldn't it be using the same amount of energy? Of course 2x doesn't take exactly 2x energy and wont exactly get the work done in 1/2 the time but still.

Hopefully someone will come along and verify that it does scale and then just delete this thread all together if it does!

Also to save energy it has been said by over 10 people that I know that after I advised them to turn OFF allways on data connection that they noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in battery life. I have been doing that since I got the phone in the beginning of april. I have noticed that it causes sportstap to not work and possibly but not for sure may cause Slacker to stop while switching from one track to another if it doesn't do so quickly enough.

Wish juice defender worked on the incredible but apperantly some custom rom options need to be changed on CDMA phones for it to work.