Custom Recovery Will Install On Verizon LG G3, If You Are Brave!


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Oct 6, 2011
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It was pointed out today on XDA that there is a Chinese custom recovery that will install on the Verizon LG G3. While there have been some successful reports it should be noted that having this kind of access to your device can cause big trouble. This particular recovery is not built specifically for the Verizon LG G3. The partition layout/orientation is different for different variants of a device. User "annoyingduck" puts it this way.

"A theoretical example: say you perform a cache wipe....this "recovery" knows where it is on the Korean variant, but on ours it thinks its somewhere in the /misc partition and it wipes you efs and you can no longer connect to your provider."

So this may have the potential of keeping you from connecting to your carriers network. I wouldn't risk it until one of our Verizon developers has a chance to rework it for our variant. I am sure Hashcode is working on a version of SafeStrap. All of this being said if you must try it installation is super easy. Be rooted, head to the link below, download the app, install app, open app and click install recovery, then click reboot recovery. BE CAREFUL, or just don't try this.

via XDA