Custom Notification Ringtone


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Jul 18, 2010
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Has anyone figured out how to customize the ringtone for notifications (text messages in particular)? From the playlist I can easily make one of my downloaded songs the rightone for the phone but I can't figure out how to make it for the notifications. Thanks.
Here is what you do. When you hook up your droid to your computer, mount your SD Card, then, you CREATE a folder called "MEDIA", then, while you are in the MEDIA folder, CREATE another folder called "AUDIO". Now, you are in the "AUDIO" folder...Now, "CREATE" another folder called "NOTIFICATIONS" are ALL set..Just drag and drop your MP3 ringtones into that folder...I did like a charm!

Will it just appear when you go to choose the ringtone on the phone?>
Oh Sorry about that, YES, when you go to select the ringtone you just added, it will appear.
DOWNLOAD RINGDROID from the market. It will let you save custom ringtones as, alarm, notifications, ringtones, etc. It's a VERY easy to use and FUN!
I just installed RINGDROID from the free app market. it has a drop down menu where you chose what you want to save it as, very straight forward. :icon_ banana: