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Dec 28, 2009
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...put this in the Rescue Squad forum as well, but wanted to cross-post it here in hopes that someone else has had this problem. Was trying to install the new CyanogenMod.

Hopefully this isn't too bad.

I followed these steps.

Download RSD Lite, the Motorola Drivers & the SPRecovery .sbf file:
RSD Lite 4.6: Download
Motorola 4.6.0 Phone Drivers:
Windows 32bit: Download
Windows 64bit: Download
SPRecovery: Download
Install RSD Lite.
Once RSD Lite is installed, install the Motorola phone drivers.
Plug in the Motorola Droid to the computer via USB cable.
Turn the Motorola Droid off while it is plugged in.
Turn on the Motorola Droid by holding down Power and Up on the D-pad on the phone.
Open the RSD Lite program by right clicking it and selecting Run As Administrator.
Click on the "..." button next to the filename box and select the .sbf file.
Once it is selected, hit Start and wait for it to finish flashing the phone.

Once I got here my Droid rebooted and now I get "Connect Your Charger" and "No Service". My battery icon is red. I am also unable to mount the SD.

Hoping I've not gotten into trouble here...
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