Create text messages from voice?

Big Lou

Dec 3, 2009
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Is there an app that allows you to create text messages using your voice? I know that sounds kind of dumb, but often times I'd like to safely reply to text messages while driving--times when a phone call is impossible because the other person can't currently speak.
The reason why there is no app like that, is because voice recognition is not 100% accurate yet.
Also an app in the Market called Voice Text.
Thank you for the suggestions. Do either of those apps integrate with the default messaging app?
Thank you for the suggestions. Do either of those apps integrate with the default messaging app?

Handcent SMS is a replacement for the default messaging app and is very good. I use it myself, forgot it had the voice feature. LOL
Highly recommend Handcent SMS.

Have not used Voice Text, but based on the description and comments in the Market, it does not appear to integrate with the default messaging app.
Handcent voice text is pretty good. Also Handcent will allow you to send/receive MMS... and you can save MMS as well. It's a huge improvement over the stock messaging... go with Handcent... you'll be happy :)

voice reply! I discovered it by accident?
me: "what's this microphone icon under the text message popup"
{presses button}
me: "whooah!!!! awesome"
Handcent rocks! It does voice plus it far superior to the native texting app. I highly recommended it and best of all, it's free.
I use handcent as well!! No complaints ;) completely forgot bout the voice LOL as soon as I read this thread I tried it! Works perfectly!
I used the voice option today in handcent to see what my lab was saying when I would get him all rawled up. Apparently he's hungry and horny, because it kept recognizing his growls as nude and food. LOL

You should try it on your dogs it's pretty entertaining.
Alternative is the "talk to text keyboard". Best 99cent I spent i n the market allows u to use voice to textanywhere that you can input text.
Thanks for the replies. I shall give Handcent a try!