Corporate Calendar Multiple Calendar Question


Dec 11, 2009
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New York
Hey guys, Ill thank you in advance for posting to this thread...but heres my question:

For me its nice to have my corporate calendar synced with my Moto Droid. But it would be very nice/essential to have my staffs calendars also synced to my droid so I can see what they need to be doing if I'm out on the road.

Its also important to know when my boss will be around if I need to lay him some information as to what is going on with my cases. So the question would be is there any way to have my staff and my bosses calendar on my droid to access at any time.

If there is an app for it great please let me know, if its an option on "corporate Calendar" let me know...or if its simply impossible let me know.
I"m looking for the same answer. I just got my droid today. it seems great but I really need my co workers calendars on here too.
Hope This Helps

If the calendars of those you wanted to share also used gmail accounts, you could share their calendars and google and select to view them in your droid stock calendar.