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Nov 7, 2009
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Dallas TX
Okay so I'm a droid newbie and an iPhone convert. I have read that to copy and paste you just do a "long press" to get the options. I've tried it several times. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
Open the keyboard and press shift. the touch the text you want coied. I tried on the main screen with out the keyboard and can only get links to copy. I'll keep trying and come back with more information

Edit :
To select text, press and hold Shift , then
press left or right.

To cut or copy selected text, touch and hold text

Cut or Copy.

that came from the User Manuel
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Hit menu/select text and then place your finger on screen and copy text. You will see it turn pink. Then place finger and hold on the area you want to paste to and the option to paste will come up.
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The menu options should still work on the X. This thread was created 5 days after the original Droid was released and months before even rumors of the X started.