CM6 RC2 Market Installation Issues


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Mar 9, 2010
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New Jersey
I flashed RC2 last night and noticed that when it was trying to restore my apps that it was hanging on the "installing...." phase and would stay there indefinitely. I canceled the apps and installed the ones that I wanted manually (I noticed that some were not showing and I probably needed the market fix), everything went fine and I had it set up the way I wanted. I did a backup since everything seemed to work flawlessly.

After backing up I decided to tweak it with custom themes and kernels. After having these installed and doing a few other things stuff started to FC a lot (both non-essential and system processes), so I decided to restore my original recovery, only to find out that it the MD5 sums didnt match :icon_evil:

I flashed my kangerade backup that I came from and re-downloaded RC2 and wiped and flashed it. Now nothing will install from the market, when most things would when I initially tried it. After numerous reboots it still wasnt working so I hunted down BGill's market fix and I just flashed it but it didnt fix anything.

Anyone know how to fix this? RC2 seemed really fast but if I cant install anything on it, its worthless to me.