Close the Browser, Location still searching...


Nov 23, 2009
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Upstate, NY
Hey folks,

I've got a weird situation. This only started happening recently. I will be using the browser with as my homepage. I usually back out to the homepage (or close all windows) and hit back one more time to exit the browser, rather than just hitting home, so it's ready to go the next time I want to surf the web.

If I hit back before it has acquired my location on the homepage, the blinking GPS icon remains blinking in the task bar. If I wait till it finds where I am, which shows as a solid GPS icon in the taskbar, when I back out, it disappears as it should. If I leave it blinking, it will remain blinking until I either force close the browser (either manually or with a task killer) or reopen the browser and let it acquire a location.

Any ideas? I haven't let it go for a long time to see if it is actually draining my battery, but it's annoying, either way.