Clockwork Recovery question

Jan 4, 2010
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I'm about to go from Bugless 1.1 to Bugless Froyo 0.4 using clockwork (since going straight through ROM Manager for 0.3 gave me issues and I had to re-flash my backup of 1.1).

All of my prior experience with ROMs had been through either ROM Manager or SPRecovery. I booted into Clockwork just now, and was planning to do the "wipe data/factory recovery" and the "wipe cache" option three times apiece, as directed. My question is about the wording of the first one... will clicking the wipe data and factory reset button take away superuser permissions, or is this the "wipe data" that everyone talks about before flashing ROMs? I figured it might be wise to check here before proceeding with clicking anything that says "Factory reset" on it.

Thanks for the help guys, and looking forward to finally having 2.2!