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Sep 23, 2010
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Catskill Mts of NY
I was disappointed to see that my Droid X did not come with the increasingly common USB connector for charging. The phone has the USB symbol next to the port, so what is it - a mini USB? So, if I plug the cable into a USB port - like on my computer or an Apple charger, that should charge the Droid, right?
Your phone should have come with the mini usb to usb cable and a charging block for the wall - it can charge via usb but the wall is the best place for it
Yes the wall is the best place. But it will charge from comp.

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just a note, not that it really matters lol

*micro usb, not mini*

you can buy a longer one if u want & charging thru AC is always fastest but will still charge on ur computer
try They have longer,good quality cables for less
I just ordered one for $1.98 and the cable is 15feet long :icon_ banana:
Just so that it's asked...

Are you sure that the usb cable isn't part of the wall charger? As in the AC wall charger detaches from the cable? That's how mine is and it's the official one that came in the box with my X. Just making sure!