Charged phone, Light will come on, but will not boot


Dec 31, 2009
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Had some really strange happen. So I put my X on the charger last night (per the usual). When I got up this morning I noticed that every nce and a while it would vibrate (I think to a new email). But the strange thing is that it was on silent.

Anyways, I went to unplug it, and I noticed the screen would not come one. I plugged it back in, and the green light came back on. But the screen still would not. I thought it must be frozen. I then pulled the battery out. I noticed when I put the battery back in, the green light flashed for a sec. But it still will not boot. No matter how many ways I try (plugging it in first, battery first, etc). It will not boot.

I thinking it must be bad. But wanted to see if anyone had this happen. As I would hate to have to set up a whole new phone :(

Love the X