Cell Standby Status


May 13, 2010
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I went to Settings > About Phone > Battery > Battery Use and got the following:

Cells standby: 73%
Phone Idle: 25%
Android System: 2%

What is cell standby? Is that the same thing as 3g connection just sitting around? Can I disable that AGP thing? Is there anyway to reduce this number?

Furthermore - is the Android system the system and app use? I would think my apps are hogging the battery. Any ideas?
Here are my uses:
Cell standby=65%
Phone idle=22%
Android system=6%
voice calls=3%

I'm sure that the cell standby isn't the 3G, cuz i turn mine off when i'm not using it, and i get about a day and a half out of a battery, depending on how much i use the internet. I think that the Cell standby is just like a computers standby, it's still on and using power, but everything is running at a much slower speed to conserve battery. The android system as far as i understand it, is the actual operating system on the phone, not the apps, bu like the HTC SenseUI, and the OS. The apps shouldn't hog battery power if you are not using them, unless they are one that runs in the background, even then they shouldn't take to much battery. The thing that i have found that eats the most battery, is leaving the 3G on when I'm not using it. Also leaving the GPS on will eat your battery I've found. Just my 2 cents worth, hope it helps.
I think cell standby is your phone sitting around waiting for a call/data. It is normal for cell standby to be using most of your phone's juice IF you're not using the phone for something--it's just sitting around with the screen off. If you're using the phone, Display is at the top. If you're using anything that streams data, like Pandora, MediaServer will be at the top.

HOWEVER, I had a problem where cell standby was beating out Display! It was crazy. If you use the phone at all, the Display will be the top thing to use the battery. I decided to dial *228 to reset my PRLs...and it TOTALLY WORKED. Great battery life!

I think the problem stemmed from when I activated the phone. It returned an "error during activation". I thought nothing of it because the phone seemed to work fine. I noticed Cell Standby was too high so I tried *228 to update PRLs. It wouldn't let me...another error! So I called *228 again and chose to activate the phone. The phone activated (again?). For good measure, I called *228 again and updated PRLs without error. Cell Standby was never a battery hog after that.

I've read that Verizon recommends updating PRLs once per month!

Long story, but hopefully it'll help someone.