CCleaner for Android.


Jul 23, 2012
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is it advisable to add CCleaner for Android. to my phone
CCleaner may provide some benefit but only if you are perhaps a power user. Most users will never see the kinds of lagging that cause them to install such a utility.

There are other benefits and some may appeal to you. Personally I don't use it and am pretty happy with how my phone rings anyway. YRMV

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I don't worry about CCleaner or other similar apps on my phone either. I love the program on PC for cleaning things up, but have never noticed any difference when using other apps that perform the same function on my phone, so I don't bother with them.
I 95% agree with those guys.
If I was going to use CCleaner, I would use it in the same manner I use it's desktop equivalent.

I would only run it if I suspected a problem.
Install it. Run it. Let it do it's business. Uninstall it.
If you only use it for the cache cleaning and don't use it frequently it won't hurt and might help even if only a little. It can and has found, (for me) some space I forgot to clean up from some downloads.
thanks for all the advice ...think I just wont bother with it
I do love it on my PC :)