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Oct 24, 2009
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I think it's time we started a car thread, just because it keeeeeeepppps getting brought up on other threads.. i'll start:

1. i miss my miata.
2. need funds for the triumph spitfire project.
3. can't save any because the bimmer is expensive to keep up...

i'm into drifting, autocross and open-wheel racing. i used to sell motorcycles (and owned a few). and i'm into anything old and japanese. :icon_ lala:
Kinda the complete opposite side of the spectrum but I have a 96 Chevrolet 4x4 extended cab truck with a mild lift and big tires. It's not fast, doesn't drift, and isn't Japanese but I guess its still kinda old! Haha.

I love the old thing and try to put a lil money into it whenever I can spare some. Right now its in a good state, the next part of the project is to put carpet in it (it has vinyl floors), sound deadener, new rear speakers, and new seals on the doors. That sound deadener is pricey though! So that will have to wait.

Other than that, we bought a 93 Sentra for my fiance to drive. That little thing gets 20 miles to the gallon. Only thing it NEEDS right now are struts, they are GONE. Then I want a new exhaust, intake, pulley, strut tower bar, retint, get wheels powdercoated, and it should be good to go.

Whenever we get her a new car, that will be my daily driver.
oh, i used to be a jeep guy for like 4 years.. i understand the big stuff!
Bought a mazda rx-8 about 2 1/2 years ago and love it. Very few problems at all, runs great.
sweet, I love Mazdas.. I had a 93 rx7 TT that I bought as a project car but never got around to fixing it.. Also had a 03 Mazda 6 that was one sweet ride.
This is my Favorite little toy, right there with my 99 Electra Gluide Classic.

My 1980 V8 Powered MGB. This Picture was taken this past summer at a car event in the Carolinas.

My New Droid will be used while using these modes of transportation often.
My toy is a 07 Sky roadster, the best car for handling the Tail of the Dragon (love aggressive driving on the mountian twisty roads). We have a very large forum for both Sky and Sols, weekend events are long and very fun!!!
My other toy is a 67 Chev Impala ragtop, a true cruzin car.
Big ole F250 with a big block gas eatin 460
AND the Sam's club dog food hauler, a Ford MiniVan.

My friend's parents won a sky and gave it to my friend. He was allowed to pick anyone out from the dealer he wanted... Kinda crazy for a 16yo (at the time)
That is one sweet ass looking modern Roadster ChiliSky!!! I bet it handles way better than it looks too. I'd love to take it for a spin !!!
Here's my truck:


I love the thing, I just wish I had more money to turn it into exactly what I want. I'm pretty happy with the lift. It's high enough to look good, feel good driving it, fit a nice looking tire, and small enough to still be functional and easy to get into or load stuff into.

I want to put more work into the interior, new bed liner, and then get some part painted (bumpers/flares/grille) and some dents removed. It's a 96 and has been used like a truck, I don't baby it. It's been in the desert scratched to hell a few times, almost stuck in the mud, I accidentally jumped it once on some train tracks lol, the bed has bedliner that is ripped and stained from use, etc. It has lived a busy life, taking me to school/work daily for years. Lately I've been giving it some rest and driving the Nissan whenever possible.
I currently drive a 2002 VW GTI with the 1.8t and 6 speed from a 2004.5 VW GLI. Complete with APR stage 3+ kit. Right now im putting just under 380 horse to the ground.

I also have a 2008 Audi A4. I dont have any pics with me but its completely stock as my girl drives that

My parents have an 02 Jetta TDI. All leather, moon roof, etc. Not a bad car and it gets 40+ mpg. I like the size of my truck so the car feels cramped but VWs are definitely nice rides.