Car USB adapter No Charge


Nov 9, 2009
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Just wondering if anyone else has tried using a USB adapter in their car without success, it could be the adapter I bought.
The Droid will wake up when I plug it in but no charging happens.

Yes! I was looking all over for this problem and thought I was just crazy. The interesting thing is when I plug/unplug or turn the car power on/off the screen will turn on and recognize that something has happend. Also, if I plug it in (while on) and then unplug it, the time since unpluged resets under the Settings->Battery Use. Even crazier is if I turn the phone completely off, the phone WILL charge.

I have a universal charger that works fine with my Storm, iPod a.... It helps keep it alive but does not charge like it should...the power supply the Droid comes with and it puts out 700ma whereas most chargers go to 500ma.

I think that may be part of it too given that my cigarette outlet will only charge my phone when it is off. BTW, does it actually show that it is charging (ie, the small light by the USB port turns on and it shows as charging in the status bar)?

Also, if it charges your iPod, is it a 3rd gen ipod? Suposedly those require a special charger as Xerozix mentioned

It seems that it needs reference voltages on the other 2 data pins, just like the Apple products... Hopefully I can make a small USB thing that goes between the USB output and cable.

There is an instructable here: Modify a generic USB car charger to charge a 3rd gen iPod Nano on how to modify a regular usb charger to charge devices like a 3rd gen ipod. Has anybody been brave enough to try this with the droid?
This may be something to try. The car charger I have is a mini USB. I have a Mini to Micro USB cable. Maybe I can cut into the cable and try the mod. The only thing I'm thinking is these might be very fine wires and difficult to work with. I'm going to check Monoprices and see if they have cables with pigtails and try to do something that way.