car dock + lock screen wackiness


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Nov 7, 2009
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If you have the car dock (not one from made of cardboard! lol) and use the lock pattern feature of the Droid maybe you can confirm or deny this for me.

My lock pattern is obnoxious and currently uses all nine dots. When not docked (and the lock pattern is thus displayed in portrait view) there's no issue whatsoever entering the pattern -- it feels very fluid and smooth and the tactile feedback "twitches" once for each dot, as it should.

When in the car dock the behavior is quite a bit more wacky. The lock pattern is displayed in landscape perspective along w/ other tidbits of info like the time, etc. (The pattern is shifted a bit to the right on the screen.) When entering the unlock pattern it's not nearly as sane; often the tactile feedback twitches spastically out of control for one dot, even though my finger hasn't left the screen. And it often thinks my finger has left the screen (and thus ended the pattern) even though it hasn't. The upper right dot in this landscape view seems to be the most spastic but others are as well.

Interestingly enough, this is no problem whatsoever in the multimedia dock (yeah, I have the legit dock, not a cardboard one). No problem at all entering the unlock pattern there either. Seems to be an issue only w/ the car dock.

I'll try to post a video later if this is difficult to visualize. :D

(Quick fix is to use a shorter pattern or no pattern at all, although once I can get my corp exchange email to sync a lock pattern will be mandatory.)
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