Can't use contact photos from Phone Files


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Nov 20, 2010
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Los Angeles area
I'm trying to put pics onto my Droid X contact list. I can get it to work when I choose pics from the Gallery, but if I select Phone Files as the source, then navigate to a Pictures folder, when I click on a picture I don't get any editing screen and it just goes back to the contact edit screen without adding any picture. Is there some size limit or other factor that could prevent me from selecting from a folder?

I've tried searching for any posts that contain ALL the words "contact photo files", but forum search tools are worthless for that it seems.
Well, this STILL doesn't work, but I found a workaround: I installed Astro file manager and if I use Astro to browse for the picture, it works. Just can't browse for a picture on the phone with the default FILES tool!