"Can't Find GPS" (please school me!)


Dec 13, 2009
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I love the navigation, but on the 3 or 4 occasions when I've used it, it'll show "Can't Find GPS" at the bottom of the screen for up to a few minutes until it locked on a signal and gave me turn by turn directions.

BUT, what was weird was that all the while it was searching for GPS, it was following me on an aerial view map. So, if it could follow me, I thought that GPS was also needed for that? I guess not.

Can someone school me?

Thanks all...
Settings> Location & Security Settings> make sure that "use wireless Networks is checked as well as "use GPS Satellites"
Okay then your issue is just that it is taking a few minutes to acquire the GPS from satellites but is still locating you via the cell network
@gixxerjoe Thanks! That makes sense. I don't expect to always quickly lock on a GPS signal, but I didn't realize it also utilized my cell signal!

@JessiesGirl There's NEVER any cloud cover - it's Southern California!!! (yea right!).

Actually, no buildings or trees, but we WERE at the tail end of rainshowers.

Thanks everyone.