Can't figure it out. Ask here!

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I am opening this thread in order to offer quick and friendly help to all of you running Succulent Desire roms. The developer and the people working on new themes are always busy, and deserve some relief. Posting here will keep Woodymans section in DF from turning into a place where you have to look threw 60 pages of threads before you find an answer. There will only be two rules put out there by myself.

1) Don't call yourself a noob! I don't like this term much and if your signed an and posting that makes you a member, and a friend.

2) Don't ask about Adobe Flash until I have the beta.

Most of the time I will be able to address your issues within an hour or so. I don't not have all of the answers but will be able to research and or escalate the problem to the people who do.
hey im trying to install Holyblue v4.0 and i keep getting the nandroid error 25. I dont have too many directories so im not sure why its happening

Edit: Nevermind just found out it was an not nandroid
Not open for further replies.