Can't change contact ringtones after 2.2 update


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Aug 20, 2010
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Palo Alto, CA
I have the original Droid from Verizon and got the 2.2 update last week via OTA. Prior to the update, I set specific ringtones for certain contacts for phone calls. Now, the ringtones I set for those same contacts are messed up and I can't change it back to what I had it set to.

I go in to contacts, hit the menu button, select Options and then Ringtones. I choose the ringtone that I had set in 2.1. It plays and then I hit Ok. The Ringtone field still shows the same random ringtone that was set after the 2.2 update. This happens for all my other contacts that I had assigned a ringtone to. I've also gone into my contacts that have the default ringtone and I can't change those either.

The 2.2 update also messed up my alarm and text message ringtones that I assigned, but I was able to fix those issues.

I've rebooted 3 times, took the battery out 3 times, created a media folder with subfolders for audio, ringtones, alarms and notifications and also rooted my phone with no luck. Does anyone know why I can't change my ringtones in my contacts?