Canalys Report Indicates - Android Takes the World Crown!


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Dec 30, 2010
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'Andy' is officially the number one smartphone platform on the planet! According to the chart below compiled by Canalys, a world-wide leader in market research analysis, the former crown-holder was Nokia Symbian OS, but Android has overtaken it. As you can see from the chart, as of Q4 of 2009, Android only had 8.7 percent with Nokia at 44.4 percent, and Apple's iOS at 16.3 percent. But, in just one year's time, as of Q4 2010, King Andy rocketed to 32.9 percent with Nokia plummeting to 30.6 percent, and Apple pretty much hovered, holding out at 16 percent. Android smartphone shipments peaked at 32.9 million units in Q4 and Nokia’s Symbian platform fell slightly behind to 31 million. Canalys indicated that overall, the smartphone market flourished, growing 89 percent in a year, with total vendor sales hitting 101.2 million smartphones.


Hail to the King Baby! Couldn't resist the 'DNF' reference... since it is coming out in May, and I'm sure the Duke uses an Android phone! dancedroid

Source: via Yahoo! News