Can you change text message edit window to more than one line at a time?


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Dec 9, 2009
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I just got my droid last week and I love it. One thing that is annoying to me is when I try to compose a text message, either with the display alone or with the keypad, it shows only one line to enter the text into.

On my Env it had an edit window (like most phones do - and this forum window for example) and the enter key made a line break.

So when you want to enter text in and want a new line, you need to do a shift enter (which often does not work for me). Also, you would need to scroll back and forth to see your message and can note see it in its entirety.

Can the settings be changed to make an edit window and use enter for a line break, vs send the message?

Or, is there an app that works better than the stock one included with the phone?

Personally I Like Handcent and find it a better overall experience (though some have had issues with it, so YMMV).

Meanwhile, I am quite confused. On my Droid, whether I am using Handcent or the standard client, I have an edit box at the bottom of my screen with about 2 lines available, and as I type, if I hit enter, the edit box grows by an additional line. Is this not happening on your device?