Can someone please help me?


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Jun 22, 2010
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Okay, let me start of by saying that I have a stock Motorola Droid and everything that I did I got from the following link:

I downloaded RSD Lite and drivers. After that I downloaded and . installed the SPRecovery for ESE81 and did a simple nandroid backup. The next thing on the page I did was "Root 2.1 by using SPRecovery". I did everything exactly as it said with the exception of step #7. I didn't do that step because from what I could tell, it was going to send my phone back to 'like new' status and I have a lot of apps on it......many are paid apps. I went through the installation and now it shows 'ESE81 by Pete' as my build number and I have the little ninja icon that says 'superuser permission'. So that should mean I am rooted now, right? So I go to the market and get both versions of ROM Manager(lite &premium) so that I can download some ROMS but it tells me I have to flash the ClockworkMod Recovery, so I try to but it will never complete. At this point I check in my recovery mode and to my surprise the recovery mode that pops up is Clockwork, not SPRecovey. So I'm thinking that this is okay, now I'll go back into ROM Manager to download a rom, only it still tells me I don't have the ClockWorkMod Recovery, so I deleted it and re-installed SPRecovey. What I need to know is what would be the reason I cant use ROM Manager and if there is something I can do to make it where I can? Can I even use ROMs like Bugless Beast and others with 2.1? Can anyone please let me know step by step what I need to do from my current situation to being able to put different ROMs on my phone without losing everything I have on it. Thanks in advance!


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Dec 10, 2009
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First welcome to the forums.

When rooting its real important not to skip any steps. They are all there for a reason. The unfortunate part of rooting is the loss of your apps. With that said, your paid apps are linked to your google account so once you reboot and log into your google account you will be able to go to the market > menu > downloads and see all your paid apps and redownload them. You will not have to pay for them again. As for your free apps, some maybe in that downloads list and you can just reinstall them, others you will have to find them and redownload them. Once you are rooted there are two really good programs that will allow you to backup your apps so that when you flash new roms you can restore your apps and not go through this again. The two are "mybackup pro" and "titanium".

Unfortunately it sounds like something did not take in your downloads. I would suggest you root again (do not skip any steps!! including wiping data and cache), reboot, sign into google, download both versions of rom manager, flash clockworkmod (top choice in rom manager) then you can get any rom you want, a kernel, a theme and then your apps. Following these steps should have you up and running.