Can someone list fixes to my problems


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Aug 2, 2010
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so i might just take it back and get a new one but im going to check on here to see if i can get any help
PS havent gotten it wet or ever dropped it i have had it for 6 mos.
i have the moto droid
1. all apps disappear have to turn off and on
2. phone flips out opens apps and the screen goes crazy as if im clicking all this stuff and sliding down the top bar or the app bay sliding up ...all happening at once
3. wont respond to my touch
4. contacts i add dont show up, or they dont save, ex. i add a contact and save it as soon as i search it it doesnt show up even if i re-sync the contacts
not sure if this will help or if u tried it but, i am assuming it's a stock droid, not rooted, and u prob dont have much on ur phone ur worried about loosing since it keeps erasing everything on u anyway...go into settings, privacy, and select factory data reset...might help?
thanks it is a stock droid, ill back up the stuff to my comp then reset it bc i have 900 contacts but the same thing happens to my friends droid also
Are you using the charger that came with it. I have a friend that used an old one that fit because it had a longer cord. It must not have given the phone enough juice because it made it flip out.
Sounds like the contacts are in sync with gmail's contacts. If you visit gmail are they there?

When he phone is acting up is it on the charger, and is it a stock charger?

When you say the apps disappear do you mean they are gone, out of the app drawer and everywhere or only missing from your desktop? The only thing I can offer on this is when this happened to me back in January I brought the phone in, in that state and at the time they thought it might be a wallpaper and that the icons were behind it. Others have experienced this too...if you replace the icons then later on you end up with two sets, one on top of the other. Try switching or using no wallpaper and see if that issue goes away.

You should be able to bring the phone in and have them help with the contact issue if it isn't syncing. Then as a last resort, as suggested, you can do a factory wipe/reset.
thanks for all the help..the phone is not on the charger when it is acting up, and yes it is the stock charger i will try the no wallpaper idea, thanks again