Camera area overheating


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Jul 8, 2010
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I have had the Droid approximately 2 weeks and up until today I haven't really had to much of an issue with it. For some reason the camera area was getting very hot and then when I tried to access an app it was telling me there was no SD card and to install one. I don't know if the overheating problem is causing damage to the SD card and that is why it was telling me that. I live in another city then where Verizon office is and cannot make the trip to store until the weekend. I don't know why the over heating is occurring. Also while taking pictures last night the flash would stop working and I would have to get out of the camera app and then go back in it for it to work again. It would work for approximately 5 photos and stop again. I would then again follow the same procedures of closing app. Sure would appreciate any information as to why this might be happening. Sorry I also have issues with having good reception. I used to have great service everywhere, and now I hardly ever have any bars available. What is up with that. I had a razor and I got service in the middle of the desert and now I have trouble in town. Help!! I also have a problem sending emails. I don't seem to get any that are sent from my phone.
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