Calender on phone won't sync past events


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Apr 13, 2011
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Pulling my hair out! My droid's calender app has stopped syncing events older than ~ 1 month on my google calender. It syncs future events fine. When I got the phone (Oct. '10) I set everything up in my google calender (actually about 6 calenders to colorcode events) and everything synced fine and was working for several months. Then I noticed events from a couple of the calenders had disappeared on the phone (but still showed on google calender online). After researching multiple forums I tried the various solutions posted to try to resync everything (turning syncing on/off, ensuring mobile device verification from within google calender online, clearing calender data and calender storage data - shutting down and powering back up....) All have the same result. The phone calender will only pull in events from one month prior to the current date plus future events. If I go back in time and retroactively add an event from either the phone or online - it shows up in both places - and stays. I contacted Motorola, since the Motorola phones have their own stock calender app, not the android calender app. They were no help - suggested taking the phone into Verizon, or possibly doing a reset -which would wipe out a lot of my work, data an customization (even with the backup), and to me is their worthless stop-gap solution for their incompetence. Nowhere have I seen any evidence that it's possible to cut off the sync for any specific timeframe, or to sync for only a specific time span, so this is just a weird problem. Any help out their would be appreciated. Puhlease!