Calendar sync probs


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Dec 20, 2009
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I am having a lot of problems with my google calendar sync. My corporate google calendar is randomly missing meetings. It is not specific to any time or day, it just seems as though random meetings are not found. I tried to force sync, but the meetings will not show up on my phone but they are in my online google calendar???
The only fix I could find onlie wast to "clear data" from the 'manage applications' screen. Does anyone know if I will have to continuously "clear data"? Is this something I will have to do weekly/monthly? I am not sure that I will always notice that I am missing entries in my calendar. I only found out today because I missed a meeting and got an angry phone call from the boss :mad:!

I found this online and it has temporarily fixed my problem:

Troubleshooting sync - Mobile Help

On Android devices, the Calendar application is automatically synced with the Google Calendar server, and vice versa. If you experience problems with syncing, try clearing your device's calendar application data and doing a fresh sync with the server.

Just follow these steps:

1. Press your device's < Home > button, then press < Menu >.
2. Select Settings and then Applications.
3. Select Manage applications.
4. Select Calendar Storage and then select Clear data. Answer OK when prompted.
5. Restart your device (Press and hold the < End call > button, then select Power off. Press < End call > to power on).

Your device will re-sync with the server after restarting (this may take several minutes).