Calendar question

Oct 29, 2009
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My wife is using google calendar which syncs with the one on the droid but when an appt on a day arrives there is no visual or sound notification for it.

Is there a way for this to be setup or does it not work that way like MS outlook does.

Also does the calendar need to be open for this to happen?

Lastly if the phone is in sleep mode (I think that is what it is called will it wake up and show the appt?

To enable notifications in the calendar app: while in the calendar app, bring up the menu, select More and then select Settings. In that dialog you will have the ability to set notifications and ring tones, etc.

Hope this helps.
I will try that. But does the calendar need to be open in order for notification to happen?

Have you been able to get notifications?
I get notifications without the calendar app being open, the same as I do for gmail notifications.