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Sep 3, 2010
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Hey all -

New to the forum. Been reading a lot, but finally signed up today. A lot of helpful people here!

I have a google calendar account with 8 different .ical-type of calendars linked to it. Sports schedules, some of my friends' calendars so we can see what we're all doing, etc. They all work just fine on my laptop access to my google calendar.

However, on my Droid X, I only have 4 of them linked and I can't figure out why. There's no similar features to the 4 that aren't showing up - 1 of them is public, the other 3 are private that I was given access to.

anyone else have this problem? I haven't gone as far as doing a factory reset yet, which is what I would have to do because this is the one and only default google account attached to the phone.
How were you able to even get 4 to show up? I have a number of calendar event subscriptions (US holidays, sporting event schedules, etc.) and while they appear on my web version of Google calender (accessed from web browser), none of them appear on my phone. Is there a setting buried to display these types of events?
If you go to Settings while in your calendar, and selecting "Calendars", you should be able to check or uncheck all of the associated calendars with your google account.

In theory, of course - I only have my main calendar and 4 others listed, still missing the other 4.
i had the same problem. apparently, you can only sync calendars that have an ical address with your phone. the ones that i could not sync only had the html address. i just googled what calendar i wanted with ical behind it and found some that had the ical. when i added those to my google calendar, they showed up in my phone.

not exactly sure the reasoning for not being able to use html calendar, but seems like that would be something to add support for in the future.