Calendar link crashes browser


Apr 16, 2010
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I use Google everything and I emailed my girlfriend a link to my calendar so she can see when I will be home and not and so forth...

When she tries to view the link on her Motorola Droid the link loads like 99%, enough that you can see the days and it looks nice! But then something happens and the browser crashes/closes. Is there a way to fix this? Its odd that it loads so far into the page and then completely crashes out. No warning of FC or anything, it just goes away like it was never there.

If I copy/paste the link into the browser it crashes out to desktop, if I click the link in the email it crashes out back to the email like I never even clicked anything...

Is there a way around this? Is it possible to run two versions of the calendar, one that I could sync to my account on her phone? Or maybe another way to view the calendar online that won't crash out??