Buying Apps with Google Checkout


Nov 5, 2009
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Long Island NY
I see that Google Checkout only allows input for a credit card. I've always used Paypal because even though they suck, at least it limits my liability to how much I have stored there.

Since I've never used Google Checkout, does it store CC info so I don't have to enter it each time? If so, any comments on how secure this might be?
You can get a debit card from Paypal now that is linked to your account and not a credit card.
Ugh I hate to give Paypal anymore business than I have to. Guess I need to get a credit card with a low available credit line.
I believe I read online that soon the Android market will allow for direct carrier billing as an alternative to using Google Checkout.

Don't quote me on that and if I find the article I will post it here, but I definitely remember reading this somewhere.
Don't knock PayPal. They are one of only a few companies that have the best security in place. I read an article not too long ago, forget now the link, but I was surprised to learn that Paypal is a safe alternative to using credit cards online, and that sites should support paypal over direct credit card info because Paypal has some security measures in place. For example, if you buy something with paypal, and get screwed over.. or there is something worng with it and you try to return it and the seller isn't being cooperative, paypal will step in and take care of it for you. It's like literally having a credit card company handle issues for you. So Paypal isn't bad at all.
I've been with Paypal since shortly after they formed and I've done a lot of business with them. In the end, I have been screwed by them on three occasions for a sizable amount of money due to dishonest people. This even after spending hours documenting how the fraud was perpetrated.

However this thread wasn't created to bash Paypal but to figure out how to make using Google Checkout safer for myself and whomever else feels as I do.
Well, seems Google Checkout is no better than Paypal. I used a gift card as my form of payment. Bought two apps and it says both were declined by the credit card company. YET, when I call to check my balance, both charges have been applied already.

When contacting Google support you can't even include a note. Just a bunch of checkboxes and an order number.
So what if Google doesn't properly protect your stored CC info. You are protected by federal law to limit your liability to at most $50 and most CC never charge that $50 in the case of fraudulent charges. Just make sure to check your statement once per month and report and unrecognized charges.

You can also contact your CC company about disposable CC numbers that will expire after a certain period of time.