Busybox Installer question


Feb 5, 2010
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Methuen, Massachusetts
Good morning,

Running Pete Alfonso's stock, rooted FRG83G 2.2.2. In terminal when I type Busybox, I get a response that it's installed (version 1.81) but in trying to run ScriptManager returns it AWK errors on attempts to install V6 Supercharger.

If I install Busybox from the Market, ScriptManager executes the V6 script correctly.

My question relates to the apparent number of files that are installed by Busybox and the returned size. Prior to updating Busybox the folder (system/bin) shows 121 files and folder size of ~8.9MB. After updating, it shows 200+ files and foldersize of ~270MB.

My questions are:

1 - am I doing something wrong in original attempts to install script w/Busybox 1.81 installed in system/bin and;
2 - is it normal for a Busybox update to install that many files equal to over 260MB? I've tried jRummy's version and Stericson's both with similar results.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.