Burning question abt using Google Voice, Sip, wifi and 3G


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Sep 29, 2011
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I've tried GV once before. Only to discover that every time someone called my cell number and it went to my GV voicemail, I was charged minutes for the transfer to GV. I had like 160 VM calls one month. That = 160 minutes used. Today I got the wild hair up my butt to give GV a try again and use it as a VOIP. Seems like GV had evolved a little more so I thought why not. So I read, read and read some more how to set it all up. I found various ways to do it, but most included using 3-4 apps including the GV app. Some cost a small fee, others did not. So my burning question is...why go through all the trouble of setting 3-4 apps and if you get it set up right then go through numerous clicks, callbacks, etc. Just to make a call using GV? Sure you can avoid using minutes, but dang it seems like more of a hassle than anything else.

I've come to the conclusion that using my Skype account is still easier and more seamless with most everything (tagged numbers on web pages, Outlook 2010, etc.). I subscribe to an online number so anyone can call me. I also subscribed to unlimited calling so I can call any phone any time. All told I'm out maybe $50 give our take annually. When I'm on wifi I can use Skype. When I'm not on wifi I can use my data connection (Verizon). I can also use the same Skype account on my MacBP, my work laptop, my Xoom or any other device I choose to put it on. Where ever I go I can use Skype.

True I still have to have minute plan and a data plan, but from what I read so did most people trying the whole GV, Sip, smartphone strategy. They were just trying to save minutes, use a GV number as an alternative (masked) number to call, a 2nd line for a business and/or utilize the cool GV features. For true risk takers setting up an old smartphone using wifi, they avoided cell plans all together. I get that. But you could still use Skype there to and save the hassle of using multiple apps.

I'm not dogging anyone or telling them they are stupid for doing all that. Rather I'm trying to figure out what I am missing? You may save a little bit, but you got to go through an aweful lot of clicks and steps just to make a call! Help me understand the value of going through all that other than the few items I stated.