Browse for apps in market from PC?


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Jan 10, 2010
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I was wondering, there any ways that I can pull up the market place on my PC screen and browse through them? This way, rather than scrolling through countless apps on the droid, I can have it all shown on screen with a list count of say maybe...20 or 100? I find it some what of a pain to scroll through apps on market places one by one and then press, scroll more, install,..back track,..scroll..etc. Just thought it might be easier to view large counts of apps on pc screen all at once and maybe mark the ones I'm interested in and then do a batch install type of thing.
Also, being a maniac and downloading so many apps on to the droid,..I have tried to organize everything neatly while retaining my sexy wall paper in an un-obstructed view...but often there are updates and the applications I put in a folder suddenly disappears and I have to track it down and drag it out of the app screen into a folder of my liking. Is there a way to do this all on a pc screen where you have a mock 'droid screen' and you move apps around visually then sync the droid where all the apps will be organized? Just saw an app that organizes stuff on the droid but i think it probably doesn't differ from any other organizing application around.

I did look around for some posts similar to this but didn't find much on it,..or maybe i didn't look hard enough. Can someone point me in the right direction?

wow, that helps soo much....much quicker to browse through apps! thanks a whole bunch!!:)