Boy Genius Review

That's a really good write up. I usually like BGR for reviews, always try to read them even if i don't like the review. I do like how he takes a point to point out that most of the short comings from the droid are almost all software related, and could easily be fixed in updates and patches.
Pretty good review. Objective and informative. Thanks for the link Neofite.
Good review, nice to see that he really took an objective point of view with this one. He has been known to not do that a few times in the past.
excellent review...I was happy to hear it's got great battery life as well.

This phone is gonna rock
I was real happy to read this:

"You want one word to describe the screen? Stunning. A 3.7″ WVGA 854×480 capacitive high-quality display? We’ll take three. Like we said in our preview, it’s the best screen we’ve ever seen on an Android device and possibly in general."
This is the review that made me sit up and take notice of the Droid and the Android OS.
awesome review. good constructive criticism. doesn't matter i'll still get it come friday (2 days, 8 hours, 33 mins) :icon_ banana:
BGR is the most reliable gadget reviewers imo. I love the honesty in this review. Like it said, there are more good things than bad by a long shot.
"After using the phone for almost a month, I can confidently say the keyboard is fine for most people. It’s not a BlackBerry and the actual spacing of the keys isn’t great, but it is really livable I think. Each key has a little bubbled-texture which makes it a bit easier to define one key from another, and the tactile feedback, while not perfect, is fine."

So the keyboard is not perfect but it's not bad either. There goes my last concern. (Wouldn't have stopped me anyway).