Boot Manager won't boot back to Phone ROM


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Jan 6, 2010
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I am running the latest CM4DX-GB ROM and installed Boot Manager. Then I installed MIUI in Slot 1 and rebooted into MIUI installed apps etc. no problem.

My problem is that When I select Phone ROM in Boot Manager and then Boot ROM nothing happens. If I select Boot Recovery from the Phone ROM screen Boot Manager nothing happens. Reboot from Boot Manager settings, nothing. I can only reboot the phone by pushing the power button and getting the normal MIUI power menu which reboots to CM Recovery menu, reboot from recovery brings me back to MIUI. Reboot options from the Boot Manager settings menu does nothing too.

I enabled root permissions in MIUI Superuser but CW is still complaining about not having root.

How do I reboot back to my Phone ROM without doing the /phoneRom/ This is my first time with Boot Manager so thanks in advance for any help.