Boeing Ships SkyTerra 1 '4G LTE' Satellite to Kazakhstan


Sep 21, 2010
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I would think Big Red is going to be contracting for use of this bad boy, don't you? This caught my eye as I've been told VZW LTE is being tested on a limited scale in my area.

Boeing Ships LightSquared’s SkyTerra 1 Mobile Communications Satellite to Launch Site

SkyTerra 1 is a Boeing 702HP satellite designed for geomobile services. It will combine with four gateway ground stations and ground-based beam-forming equipment to create the first of two Space-Based Networks (SBN) that Boeing is building for LightSquared (formerly SkyTerra). LightSquared is building a new wholesale-only nationwide 4G-LTE wireless broadband network integrated with satellite coverage that will revolutionize communications in the United States.

Designed to provide wireless mobile services to millions of subscribers, LightSquared’s SkyTerra 1 satellite features a 22-meter L-band reflector-based antenna — the largest commercial antenna reflector to be put into service. The active phased-array antenna will offer state-of-the-art digital signal processing, channel formation and switching.