Bluetooth support for Music/Movies etc on a standard mono bluetooth headset


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Jan 6, 2010
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Oxnard, CA
here is my question, i know its been stated that a Blue tooth MUST have A2DP features to play music or other audio through it.

This is where I'm thinking someone must be able to find a way around it... I've had a lot of phones and i am constantly getting new blue tooth headsets... just to test things out see how I like them. One phone i had right before buying my Motorola DROID was my LG enV Touch (LG-VX11000). Now surprisingly, ANY blue tooth I tried whether it was stereo or not would support music, movies, YouTube, etc.
These same blue tooths did not support any of these features on my LG Dare, LG Voyager, Blackberry Storm, or my current DROID.

Sooooooooo, I assume its something in the software features in the enV Touch itself that can be duplicated to make the feature available on the Droids.

i would gladly pay a premium for an app that would allow me to support Music on my Plantronics PRO headset. I wear it ALL the time at work and no one would suspect a thing.

Holla. :greendroid::reddroid::greendroid::reddroid::greendroid::reddroid::greendroid:

(p.s. yes, I am rooted)
I feel your pain man. Today on Alldroid . org I posted a similar question, maybe someone will help out.
Likewise. I'd pay for this. I often wear my bluetooth earpiece for 8-16 hours while driving a limo. I have spent years (and $100s) searching for one that was both comfortable and functional. I've finally found it, but my new Droid's unwillingness to pipe audio through the (admittedly low quality) headset profile is making me very :'(