BlueTooth Flash For Android "iBlazr2" Has Been Funded On Kickstarter!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If your built in camera flash just isn't cutting it for you no worries "iBlazer2" has you covered. The previous version of iblazr featured a 3.5mm headphone jack. It worked for the most part but did have some quirks. The latest version of iblazr has fixed most of the bugs and issues experienced in the first iteration.

The iblazr2 connects to your Android via bluetooth. The device doesn't need its own app. When you double tap the device it will send a blast of light toward your subject and will also trigger your camera's shutter. The light itself emits twice the light of a standard camera phone flash, and the temperature or color of the light can be changed from warm or yellowish to cool or blueish in tint and anywhere in between. The iblazr2 mounts to your device with an easy to use clip. This also comes with a cold shoe mount for use with DSLRs. The kickstarter was looking to raise $70000 which it has already raised. You can still get in on early bird pricing at the link below.

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No. I'm not carrying around another device. It's a phone 1st, camera 2nd/3rd. If I want good pics, I grab a camera. I don't expect my camera to make good phone calls.