Bluetooth Car Stereo For Tinkerbells


Jul 3, 2010
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Just want to let you know that i am back from another 4 hour car trip that was enjoyable more than usual as AOR radio (10k stations) was streaming through the Connects2 BTAV01 kit from ebay UK plugged into my USASpec PA-20GM's AUX input. Same can be done at the back of many radios.

The tip is for owners of older cars, 2008 GM navigation XM radio here, hence the USASpec kit, but you can splice into the 3.5mm stereo AUX of any radio,, or use a Y adapter piggybacked into the radio harness. An add-a-fuse kit from AutoZone helped a lot:

As an audiophile i want to confirm again that the sound quality is above par, then again the Dynaudio speakers that replaced the atrocious BOSE OEM in my SAAB may be the culprit:)

I used wire loom and terminated all ending in Radio Shack silver-bearing solder before clamping, and placed the unit under the parcel shelf as my XM module and PA-20GM are in the trunk. It shares the fuse receptacle with the XM module. Biggest challenge during install was keeping track of the different clips and tabs and keeping the wiring out of the jaws of the trunk hinges. I may have used 30 zipties and window insulation all around the unit but i wanted a rattle-free bullet proof job, unlike what they provide at the local car audio business where they drilled through my neighbor's brand new M6 car computer:(

Droid X is "smart" enough to stop music and route calls to my Jabra JX10 Series 2 headset or as on this last trip just allow me to talk into the phone resting on a MOBI GPS mount.

And finally i found a $5 ebay Alltel OEM micro USB car charger that keeps the battery 100% all the time ( my multimeter's terminals are not small enough but i suspect 850mAh or above), be it navigation or radio, cord is long, blue light at bottom, and allows for vigorous 6 MT shifting as it is very low profile:

The generics actually discharged the battery, the only reason i can say this confidently is that i kept gardening for 6 hours on a charge using a Sennheiser MM100 A2DP/mic headset and battery was still 1/3 full while a 30 minute trip on one of those cheapo no brand IC (intelligent chargin my axx!) chip generics left the batt on orange, pay attention to these 2 shapes:


Bought one of each in the early days, happy to say trash was collected today in my hood.
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Aug 3, 2010
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Did you post pics or instructions of the install anywhere? I am trying to get an idea of how to do this to my 2006 Honda Accord. I'm trying to find the best way to integrate bluetooth audio using my CD/AUX port on my factory stereo. I also want an iPod cable and 3.5 mm cable available for when friends bring their iPods or phones. I know there is a way to do this, but some kits are all in one, while others require you to add on additional receivers like this one. Basically, from my AUX/CD input I need:

-Bluetooth receiver
-iPod connection
-3.5 mm male

Do you know of any units that can accomplish this? I drive 50K mi a year and this would probably change my life.