Bluetooth audio cuts in and out on stereo


Mar 8, 2010
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Does anyone else have this problem after the update. It worked great prior to this.

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I haven't tried after the update but I got Bluetooth headphones that work perfectly on the iPod but I wanted to use razr as music device and it seemed like every single song had a skip in it. Range was good but the skipping annoyed me. Went back to using iPod. Was nice I was able to answer calls without picking up phone but couldn't deal with the music skipping. Tried stock player and power amp and songs both on the sd card and internal memory. Sad
That's what mind does. It has a skip bout every 10-20 second. Motorola really needs to fix this. Very annoying.

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What music player you using? I haven't noticed any skipping at all with my jambox. Streaming from rhapsody or playing downloads.

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I use Amazon mp3 player with no problems. It skips only when I'm about 30' away from the phone.

2.3.6 ver 174 rooted with NO problems
Since the update I've noticed the audio cuts out and gets static over my Bluetooth earpiece. I never noticed it before.

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Mine skipped once after the update. I did the simulated battery pull (Hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time until it turns off) and it hasn't happened since.
I come from an X2 and really hate the skips pauses it has, (another update that didn't do anything.)

So far no drops or pauses my BT connects fast and has amazing range. I just got a BT stereo head phone and it is amazing, I listen to podcasts all the time and due to the stereo affect is like the person speaking directly in my head.

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My bluetooth was also screwing up this morning. Wouldn't answer the phone with the steering wheel control. Audio was very scratchy. Then, when call ended, it wouldn't disconnect. Will have to delete and try to re-enroll. See if that clears anything up.
Any other ideas as to why my bluetooth would keep skipping. Also, right after it skips, the audio speeds up a little. I've tried several different players and they all do the same thing. Never did this before the update.

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Mine skipped before the update but works great now. It would skip about 5 times every 30-45 seconds. It was a regular pattern.

Try deleting and re-pairing.

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On mine when I use the stock music player I have issues with part of the stereo signal being weak. It seems like the balance is switched to one side. Anyone else have this issue?
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Seems like many ppl are having issues with bluetooth. Sucks i paid tons of money for the phone and its not really worth the full amount. almost though.

Is there a petition or something that we can fill out to have our phones recalled for the bluetooth issue and maybe data issues ppl are having kinda like a Recall for cars? Im not having the data issues as much now after update but the bluetooth is aggravating me.
I'm having Bluetooth related woes as well. Has anyone tried Bluetooth with wifi? My wifi connection virtually dies when I have Bluetooth pairing enabled, even though the system bar shows wifi as enabled.

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