Blackberry Ring Profiles - anything comparable on the Droid?


Nov 2, 2009
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Ahem, I'm a recovering Blackberry user.

Blackberry had a handy thing called ring profiles - you could set ring tones and vibrate for all things that make racket on the phone. I had one profile for day and one for night. At night, I don't want notifications every time I get an email obviously, but I still want the phone to ring.

All this was easily set up on the BB, and I could just switch from one profile to the other.

On the Droid I have to go into the settings every morning and evening and manually change everything.

Is there an app or a feature to make this easier?
Yea I came from BB too and miss the profile switching. The only thing close I came up with is Quick Profiles. It's doing the job but wish it was part of the top button switching. Check it out.. its in the market.