BlackBerry Priv Apps Ported To Any Android Device!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The BlackBerry Priv has finally launched with much fan fare. It quickly sold out on Amazon! I am actually shocked by how well this device has done at launch. I think the main reason it stands out is because it is doing something totally different. So much of Android is painstakingly the same. The BlackBerry Priv stands out! What makes the device stand out? Yes the slide out keyboard is a reminder of the incredible typing experience of yesteryear, however what really sets this device apart is its security and its features.

You can now install many of the BalckBerry Priv custom apps on any rooted Android device! Developer "Entrysky" has ported the Priv apps and has made them available for download. Apps include Blackberry Launcher, Blackberry Keyboard, BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry Search, Blackberry Notes, Blackberry Tasks, Blackberry Contacts, BlackBerry HUB, and Blackberry Password Keeper. Head to the link below to grab the apps for your device. The full install guide can be found there as well.

via XDA
Just had an event here at work. The used Lume devices for feedback, which are very old school Blackberry like. I forgot how crappy it was to use your thumbs to type. Give me a good swyping keyboard over that any day.