Black and Red Themed Swype - testers needed


Jun 24, 2010
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Ok, I have "themed" the swype package with a red and black theme. Currently it is only the vertical version and only three actually "keyboards" that are themed (the lower case, upper case, and locked upper case). But since it takes a while to do them (at least for me it does), I'd like to throw it out here and have a few people test it out and let me know what they think. This was developed to go along with the ultimate droid 2.4.0 ROM and I have a droid 1. However, the package should install on other droid 1 ROMs and may even work with other phone models since it is the actual swype install package that I downloaded and modified from the market. Since it is the actual swype install package, you still need a license in order to run the swype piece. But for me it worked as a keyboard without the swype before I generated the license for it. To generate the license with my themed version, simply download and install the swype installer AFTER you install my version. You only need to do that if you don't currently have swype installed. If you do, you can simply install this over your current installation, meaning you don't have to uninstall first, and then you don't have to regenerate the license. I used dropbox's built in installer which worked for me to upgrade. Linda file manager may be able to do the same thing but I know that Astro will not "upgrade". Astro wants you to uninstall and then install (PITA). But anyway, if anyone wants to help me out by testing this and providing feedback I would really appreciate it. Just PM me and I will send you the link to download the package. I didn't want to throw it out here just yet since I haven't finished all of it. Once I do get feedback and tweak the design, then I will finish off the other keyboards (horizontal, numberpad, etc) and will post it for everyone. Many thanks to papachach for pointing me in the right direction and helping me out.