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Nov 17, 2009
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Hey all I am Jason. New to the droid world. If I can not get the outlook problem squared away in next 29 days I'll be back to the trusty old BB. have IT guy coming today to try and figure out. (fingers crossed)
Hello Jason!

usually those IT Guys make you more wonder then help, because
they speak in their geeklanguage and do stuff with your phone
you wouldnt even think of!


I know it because im such a geek!

But anyways! :welcome: to droidforums!
Yeah your right!! I am hopefull we will figure this issue out. Since the boss wants one I think we can re configure outlook to work.
I gotta say I sure love the Google sky app , that has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen for a phone.

Hey since some people are reading this. I am a hunter and I wonder if there is a app that gives you your GPS coordinates? Would be nice to be able to relay that info via walki talki to my hinting partners without spending the big bucks on the Garmin stuff.

I don't know I don't see were my long and lat are but I'll keep playing with it.

Finaly got outlook working, took some doing but it runs perfectly now.

I really have never had such a cool gadget, my black berry curve was ok but this Eris Droid is off the hook. I love the voice search and google sky is wicked. I even found a app thats a metal detector.