Best way to get back to a stock release from a custom 2.1?


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May 14, 2010
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I've tied a small knot, not a large knot mind you, but a small one and I'm just looking for advice on which direction to go from here.

I have SPRecovery, it's fine. If have 2.1 rooted, it's fine. And I've put on a hand built kernel with some personal tweaks, it's fine. And of course I've tinkered around all over the root filesystem. It's been that way since 2.1 came out, and it's generally been perfectly reliable.

Recently, two problems have developed. I can never get a GPS location out of any application. Google maps never knows where I am (nor do any other apps). And I cannot enable wireless in the GUI. I need to perform a chmod/chown dance on wpa_supplicant, and manually insmod the tiwlan driver. Both of these are new problems recently.

So - to verify the hardware is ok, I guess I should wipe it and install a stock 2.1. Looking for pointers on the best, easiest way to accomplish that with the least pain. (After all, I already have SPRecovery, root, and adb in place). I'm hoping to avoid the entire chain of steps I had to go through in the first place to end up with a stock 2.1. And if the hardware is fine, the minimum steps to get back to where I am now (which of course I will backup with sprecovery). So I guess the questions boil down to:

A) Is there a stock 2.1 floating arround. Or a rooted otherwise stock 2.1?
B) Is there any danger of doing A) damaging SPRecovery
C) If I just go balls to the wall to a Froyo Rom, can I just SPRecovery back to where I am now if I choose?

Just looking for guidance. Wouldn't want to charge off in the wrong direction...