Best restaurant finder app based on location


Jan 1, 2010
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Best restaurant finder app based on current location? Free or cost. I guess it has to match with your gps location.

Where is a great app for that. There's also Open Table, which is mainly for restaurants that you can place a reservation. Both of those are free. Many others as well, like Fast Food Finder or Chinese Restaurant (also free).
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+1 for Where...
At least in my experience in a fairly large city, Google Local has worked well, but also use Open Table on weekends during busy times . . .
Where, where or where choose one LOL:)
Its a great app!
The only thing I don't like about Where is that it has given me a lot of restaurant results that are not in business anymore :(
I use the "what's nearby" function with Google Maps... worked great for me this past weekend in Boston.
Food Finder is exactly what you are looking for. It basically just used google maps but it breaks it down by type of food and distance to make it much easier to use.
Yep, the built in Google functions do just fine. Longpress search, say "restaurants nearby", done. I also use Open Table.
From google mobile's main page they have near me now if you have gps enabled. They break it down to different categories.

Opentables is free and you can set a reservation on-line. Better establishments use them, so you can weed out dives that Guy wouldn't even go to.

Yelp gives you user reviews, also free.

Or you could spend the $10 and get the Zagat app.
I use Poynt and Zagat. Tried Where, Sherpa, Local, good food, bla bla and went back to poynt. Open table is good in large citys.