best police scanner?


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Jul 13, 2010
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any input on what works the best as far a a police scanner? or is there any websites that i can stream from using a market app?
yes very nice..thank you indeed
+1 for Police Stream, but I'm gonna give Scanner Radio a try.
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I use police stream and love it, I tried scanner radio a while ago and didn't like it, it could have improved though. Or you could go to radio and use the app xiia live light to stream from there, its a great website and I'm pretty sure that's where both apps get their streams from
Scanner Radio is definitely very good. I was on vacation last week and was able to listen to hear what was up with the shooting in Manchester, CT (about 10 miles from where I live). I was there with a friend who is a firefighter and his app on his iPhone was nowhere near as good as Scanner Radio (could have been the app, could have been the device, could have been the network....could have been all 3 that contributed to the poor quality!! heh heh).

P.S. My sympathies go out to the families and friends of the victims of that terrible incident. Horrible thing....
I upgraded to Scanner Radio Pro and I really like it. One thing it has that Police Scanner doesn't is an option to search for scanners nearby. No need to scroll down a list if you're in a new area and want to see what's happening.