best flickr/random wallpaper app for droid


Nov 9, 2009
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I did a bit of a search here on the forum but couldnt find anything obvious.
I am looking for a good flickr app which will allow me to easily and speedily view flickr albums. I have tried flickr droid which I found to be a bit tricky to use. I also tried just pictures which seems simpler and more intuitive though rather slow.
Additionally I am looking for either the same app or a seperate one that will grab random images from a flickr album/albums and use it as wallpaper, say changing every hour or two, it would be more amazing if you could give it tags to search for eg. landscape or cars or something. Just pictures seems to sort of have some of this functionality but it wasnt clear how to use it. I don't want the app sucking up lots of power running in the background either.
Any ideas, there seem to be a lot of different flickr apps out there.